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Genuine Canon FF54552020 FF5-4552-020 Feed Roller 4 Required Per Machine Pick-up Roller


  • $ 000

Brand: Genuine Canon

Part Number: FF54552020 FF5-4552-020

Description: Feed Roller 4 Required Per Machine

Product Type: Pick-up Roller

Color: N/A


Yield Type: N/A

Unit/Box: 1 / Box

Compatible With:

Canon - Copier ImageRunner CFUL1, CFUM1, CFUR1, CFUS1, CFUU1, CFUU2, CFUW1, 2220I, 2220N, GP 200, 200D, 200F, 200S, 215, ImageRunner 200E, 200L, 210, 210E, 210N, 210S, 2200, 2200G, 2200I, 2200N, 2800, 2800G, 2800I, 330, 3300G, 3300I, 3300N, 330E, 330N, 330S, 3320G, 3320I, 400, 400E, 400N, 400S, C2050, C2058,


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